Friday, July 12, 2013

Amazing Tips That Will Drop Weight Fast

Drop Weight Fast

In today’s world where slimming down is the reigning trend, the obese and overweight are desperately looking for ways to drop weight fast. Not that I blame them for the “predicament” that they happen to find themselves in. Obesity may be hereditary, resulting from certain types of illnesses, or a side effect of some form of medication, however, the major number of obesity cases is usually as a result of people leading a life that lacks the basic ingredients and nourishment of exercises, even when they have bad eating habits and other habits that promote excessive weight gain.
The number of those seeking to drop weight fast is fast rising and weight loss specialist are really putting all they have together in order to devise newer and effective methods of losing weight. Although, obesity problems that have to do with hereditary may prove difficult to cure, here are interesting tips that will help you drop weight fast. These tips, as they are practiced, will start yielding results fast, you can be sure that those fats will not know what hit them.

Drop Weight Fast Tip 1
Keep Your Calories – don’t cut too much calories
This is one mistake that almost all “slim size” seekers usually make, thinking it will address their excessive weight gain dilemma, whereas the opposite is always the case. Bear in mind that apart for making you look fit, drastic and quick weight loss can cause issues with one’s muscle mass and body’s metabolism. The key point here is not just to cut down fats or calories, but to watch where your excessive weight gain is coming from, and when you have found it out, you can cut back on activities that affect that area.  It could be water, muscle mass or body fat, although most of the time it is usually as a result of lean muscle mass.
The muscle is basically the body’s furnace, so to say; it is your body's most potent and active tissue for burning calories and body fat. That is why when you try to lose weight rapidly, either by crash dieting or through any other unhealthy means, the body's lean muscle mass will become cannibalized and then you will find out you have lost some of the body’s most powerful tissue for keeping a lean body. To crown it all up, when you now decide to get off your diet, and perhaps resume your “unhealthy” eating habits, the calories will go right back up, and faster too.
The reason for the rapid rise in the number of calories is that since your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is lowered and has lost some ample amount of your muscle mass, your body ends up packing on the body fat very quickly.

Drop Weight Fast Tip 2
Drink! Drink! Drink – yes! I’m Talking About Water
Many ignore this aspect of losing weight and so the lose out on the great benefit of drinking water and the impact that just drinking water can do to their excessive weight gain dilemma. It amazes me when the same people seeking to lose weight are the ones usually guilty of consumption of alcohol. Alcohol might just be another liquid, but it has a way of affecting the body’s metabolic rate. Once the body’s rate of metabolism is disturbed either as a result of alcohol or any other reason for that matter, the body will assume a different system by simply storing up fats more than it is burning. Water, being one of the most important aspects of losing weight, we should bear in mind that over 70 per cent of our bodies is dominated by water, and the body needs a large amount of this liquid to carry out its daily functions.
Water flushes our systems and removes harmful toxins from our body. The liver, which is one of the body’s tools for metabolism needs enough water. Additionally, when the body starts lacking water, the liver will be forced to do part of the kidney’s work. Therefore, making the liver unable to work properly and causing more fats to store up fast. Also, when you do not drink enough water, your body will simply hold onto the water, which is turn, leaves you bloated.
Water is yet another means to drop weight fast. 
This process is what is known as the "thermogenic effect". Another way through which one can lose weight through drinking of water is by drinking cold water. This is because the body will burn an ample amount of calories just to make heat the water up to the normal body’s temperature.
One can easily drop weight fast; it all depends on the strategy used and other things like exercises, diets and healthy lifestyle. There are more tips, but these two tips are mostly overlooked and they are they somehow have a meaningful impact in every weight loss mission.

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