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Involuntary Causes Of Weight Loss And How To Stop It

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It is very common to find obese people engage in different kind of exercise or habit just to lose weight. Now, this is a normal way to lose weight which is considered to be a conscious and a voluntary effort from the person who wants to lose weight, but the case is often referred to as involuntary when weight is lost without consciously engaging oneself with activities that are geared towards losing weight. So what are the causes of weight loss in this light?

There are several reasons that could lead to losing weight involuntarily in the human body. And this article will help you understand what some of these causes are and also give you tips on possible solutions. However, gaining back that weight or maintain a healthy weight is all dependent on your effort and ability to stick to a plan without which you might not achieve your goal of not losing weight.

As we all know, once in a while if not always, some people tend to engage in a lot of activities in the office or at home that leads to some sort of stress, which in turn leads to losing weight in such a way that it appears awkward. This is always very bad and I’m sure that no one wants such thing to happen to them. If you don’t want this to happen then there are few things which you must know. First you must ask the right question which has already been asked just by reading the first paragraph of this article, which is what are the causes of involuntary weight loss? Now, let me give you the answer to your long awaited question.

Involuntary causes of weight loss

Losing weight can only be unintentional when you do not partake in any weight loss program. There are some major factors that are responsible for such and they are as listed below:

Starvation/Bad Diet: not many people know that bad diet can cause not only weight loss but also other health problems. But starvation is a worse case compared to bad diet because bad diet is only bad due to wrong consumption of foods that are not good for your health, which can at least still give you some sort of nutrient for the body to function with. But on the other hand, starvation is more like not eating anything at all, which is a whole lot worse because at that point your body doesn’t get anything to function by and that leads to extreme weight loss.

Prolonged Illness: Have ever asked yourself how it all works when someone gets sick and loses weight? This is how it works, when a person gets sick for a long time, most often they tend to lose their appetite and that means they will feed less than they usually would and you know what that is…weight loss. Apart from the fact that sickness makes one not have the urge to eat, it also attacks other parts which can lead to burning of more fat than the body should and you already know what that means…weight loss.

Child Delivery: if you are a woman then you will understand this better than a man would because you are the one that actually experience the change in your body. This weight thing happens two ways, is either you add up more weight or you lose weight. But the one we are talking about here is losing weight. The reason why some women lose weight after child delivery is because they undergo a great deal of stress that leaves their body affected. Like we all know, child delivery comes with a lot of pain and with such comes stress, which leads to lots of calories been burnt in the process. If you are not ready to undergo such pain and stress, then caesarean operation is an option you may want to consider.


Now that you know that weight loss can be involuntary, you should be thinking if there is a way to avoid it from happening or cure it when it happens. If you find out that you are losing weight without a conscious effort from you, then there are things you need to put in check.

Work on your stress level: you can help reduce how fast you lose weight if you manage your stress level on a daily basis. Do your research on how to manage your stress.

Eat Healthy Foods: ensure that your daily food consumption is a combination of all the necessary nutrients e.g. Carbohydrate, Protein, fats and oil, and fibers.

Exercise: this is the point where you need to watch the kind of activities you engage yourself in. Ensure that you are doing things that are geared towards keeping you healthy. No needs for stressful activities that make you sweat.

If you take these tips about causes of weight loss seriously, you will definitely avoid getting any severe health problems as a result.

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