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Healthy Lifestyle – How To Live Healthy Everyday

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Every single person on the surface of the earth is definitely concerned about their health, but not many people have an idea on the various simple things they can do on a daily basis to improve their health. but before i go into that, the right question to ask at this moment is what exactly is a healthy lifestyle?

There are so many definitions out there that may be correct about this same topic but from years of experience and research, I have come to realize that a healthy lifestyle can only be defined at its best by four fundamental criteria:
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Doing things that have to do with lifting of weights of any sort
  • Exercising

I know that very few out of the world’s population would barely adhere to these criteria. You see, that’s why there seem to be so many diseases and health issues in the world today. The world is constantly increasing in the number of adults who are daily living an unhealthy lifestyle that will end up affecting their health generally.

With the entire health problem increasing on a daily basis, a question that’s imminent pops into my head. How can people in this situation be helped?

Now, I know that there are so many ideas out there that have been put on the Internet by so many other people to help, but I also have some ideas that I know for sure will help you a great deal if you practice them.  The only problem that you might have is the problem of procrastination. Usually, that is the culprit for living in an unhealthy way. Even when the solution to a problem has been provided, some people still don't seem to always have time for themselves. Well, if that is one of the things you are used to doing, I’ll advice that you change it because this is about your life. Sometimes I do shop for healthy food stuff myself, but in this kind of “I don’t have enough time,” some people still find time to go for a business meetings, move from one place to the other and gist with friends. They practically have time for every other thing but their health. If you fall in that line then you should look forward to changing that because its not going to make anything about your health better.

I noticed that the time factor has been a major challenge to people and their health so I came up with a few healthy activities that you can perform on a daily basis and in the shortest time possible while you still  have time to go around with your work or busy life as the case may be.

Ten Minutes Activities You Can Do on a Daily Basis

Life is beautiful, you know that. But to maintain its beauty there are simple things that must be done on a daily basis and guess what? It would cost you almost nothing compared to the quality of life you get afterwards, all you have to to is:

  • Do a couple of sit-ups a day (15 is a good start)
  • Brush your teeth at least twice everyday (how hard can that be?)
  • Stay abreast of the latest health news in town (you never can tell how important that can be to your health)
  • Do some stretches (you don't want to have cramps do you)
  • Eat at least one apple everyday (apples are great fruits you should learn to eat always)
  • Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water everyday (can't stress the importance enough, i'll need another article to tell how important water is to your overall health)
  • Learn to smile and laugh (a smile is a show of happinness and happy people have been said to live longer)
  • Eat a healthy snack (there are healthhy snacks you can eat, find them and eat them)
  • Take a short walk to the restaurant for lunch  (walking is a good way to exercise your limbs after long hours on your desktop)
  • Show appreciation to someone who deserves it (tell someone something good, it doesn't hurt. only takes a few seconds)
  • Chat with a friend (a little chit chat with a friend would help rid you off stress from work)
  • Be kind enough to share a healthy recipe with someone (help someone live a healthy life)
  • Play with your kids (working hard is good, but learn to play harder)
  • Take a short break from work (everyone needs a break once in a while)
  • Sleep early and wake up early (sleep is an integral aspect of human life, so take it seriously

Now, these things are not time consuming at all. You only need to pay attention and start practicing them one day at a time. as time goes on, you will get accustomed to the whole process and your response to all of it will be by default. It simply means you wont have to think about it before you do it and that's the best thing that can happen to anyone. Taking a healthy step everyday without thinking about it or breaking a sweat. Who wouldn’t want to be happy and healthy? Obviously no one, but you have to take responsibility of your life now that you still can less it gets worst.

There is one thing I’ve always loved to tell those around me, don’t wait until the condition for action is perfect, because it will never be. Just start from where you are and gradually improve from there. The whole process might take sometime but it will be worth it at the end of the day...Trust me.

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