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5 Best Spices for a Torpedo Fat burning Experience

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Weight loss as the case is has been seen as one of the most difficult things to come by for a lot of people who want it. But somehow those who don't even want it always tend to have a faster fat burning experience than those in need of it. The question is, what are these people doing that's making them burn more fats from their body than those who really want it? There could possibly a lot of answers to that, but out of the many answers I have I want to share this one with you,  which is the fact that these people always add more spices to their foods.

This might be a little bit different from what you’ve always known for a very long time, in fact it might contradict the facts you’ve always believed in for as long time, but it is the truth and it works because I have tested it and I have seen results myself. Sometimes the solution you need for your problem might be so simple that you start questioning its authenticity meanwhile you might have been doing the wrong thing for a long time thinking that is the right thing not knowing that it is actually the wrong stuff.

The good thing about these spices is that they are not hard to find. They can be easily gotten at your grocery store so you don't even have anything to worry about. Just add them to your diet or meal plan on a daily basis and you will see an amazing effect on your body in a matter of weeks.

Enough of all the talks already, here are the top 5 spices for fat burning:

  • Garlic: This spice contains phytochemicals that are good at breaking down the fatty leftovers that might have stored in the body as a result of excess eating or other causes. In the process of these fat breakdowns, the cholesterol level in body is also broken down. This is not all, garlic is also effective with the killing of germs, viruses, fungi, bacteria and even goes as far as protecting you from heart problems.
  • Onion: This is one amazing spice that I hardly do without in my daily meals. Onions also contains phytochemicals that does everything that garlic does; this is because they are from the same spice group.
  • Cinnamon: according to research on the body, it is said that the higher the level of sugar in the body, the more fat it would store. And according to a research carried out by the United states Department of agriculture, they discovered that at least ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon added to your daily meal consumption helps with the metabolizing of the sugar level in the body even 20 times better than when it is not added. As we all should have known by now that excess sugar in the body is one of the causes of weight gain or fat gain. Now because cinnamon has the ability of balancing the sugar level in the body system it is said to have more advantage and is therefore advisable to always, as much as possible include it in your daily food intake.
  • Turmeric: this spice is one of the most popular spices known by India. This spice is regarded as one of the highest beta-carotene containing food sources in the world and contains antioxidants that have preventive measures towards the liver from unexpected damages that may occur. It is also known for its liver healing ability. That is not all this amazing spice does, for it to be on this list then there is certainly one more ability it possesses, and that is the fact that it helps the body to metabolize the fats stored. It does that by reducing the level of fat storage in cells in the liver. There are still more stuff this spice does, but that is for another article.
  • Hot Chilies: of all the spices you should never miss out on are chilies. What these spices do is that they add some heat to your body. the heat generated by chillies are called the thermogenic effect. This thermogenic effect causes your body to heat up in a way that burns up stored fats from your body without any extra effort on your side. One of  the active ingredient in chilies that  gives it is popularity is Capsaicin which is responsible for firing up the metabolic level in the body, causing a quick fat burning process to kick off. More of it has also been known to help boost the energy level of the body.

To get a fast fat burning experience, you ought to use everything you know, no matter how little it may sound. As for this tip, you need to start immediately if you haven’t tried it before. Like I said, it is just a matter of weeks before you start seeing changes in your body. If you like eating vegetables a lot, you can start by adding onion to them. Other foods like soups, stews and stir-fries can have a little addition of chilies and other spices. The good thing is that they are tasty, so you don't even have to worry about the taste of your food because they are actually going to improve it and your fat burning experience.

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